#DHPoco: Postcolonial Digital Humanities turned 1 today!

"Analytical Building" in the #DigitalHumanities, or Why the World Needs #DHPoco, #3. 

Open Access and the Digital Humanities

The following is a guest post from Lindsay Thomas (@lindsaycthomas), PhD candidate in English at…

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Why the World Needs #DHPoco, part 2. 

"On liberalism, assimilation, and multiculturalism:

We are not just another diversifySTEM™ organization aiming to integrate “minority” groups into the so-called “open source” community. We are creating our own space. We combine a critical passion for technology and digital media arts with our work towards POC empowerment, disability justice, decolonization, queer liberation, prison abolition, the destabilization of patriarchy, and other struggles we share.”

Unfortunately our old host took down the spoof of Half the Sky. It’s now being shared here: http://escapethecomplex.tumblr.com. Would love it if you re-shared, love the work of dhpoco!

Through characters like Radhika, Nicholas Kristof’s Half the Sky game erases the heterogeneous voices and complex struggles of “Third World” women, instead representing them singularly as victims in need of the Western game-player’s rescue. This can have devastating material effects on “Third World” women, especially sex workers. Our spoof game, “Escape from the White-Savior Industrial Complex,” attempts to challenge Half the Sky’s representations.

The Origins of #DHpoco and the Art of Play

by Roopika Risam and Adeline Koh


The Postcolonial Digital Humanities website emerged…

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"The Internet… is a TV that watches you." #PRISM #dhpoco #verax #nsa Inspired by this.